Secrets To Make Over 1.5milion Naira From A Niche Blog


Hello friend,

I am Adekiya Joscor. I am a blogger entrepreneur and a writer. You can check more about me.

I own TeCHcRiBs whose subsidiary are,, and

I’m sure you are here because you want to learn how to start a niche blog, or maybe you opened a blog and you are tired of not making a dime? 

I am not here to preach to you about things that you have to know from the past.  Today, I am here to tell you about a “niche blog”.

Not the regular entertainment style of blogging you know. 

Testimonial of someone thanking me for getting free traffic

I would love you to use my story as a blogger as an example, I had opened 3 unsuccessful blogs before understanding what I was doing wrong.  I started my first blog ( 3 years ago, then the frustration of not making a dime despite having Adsense made me shut down the blog. 

Opened a few blogs after, and now I have my permanent niche blog.  You might need to have a blog before getting the ebook, if you don’t have one make sure to contact me so I can build you one and you start printing money. 


Now I can boast of making N300,000 monthly from my blog. The funniest thing I tell people is that I don’t use Google Adsense, even tho people find it hard to believe.

Made over N300,000 monthly from sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. Promote  CPA offers and also get paid by foreign clients to put their articles on the blog in exchange for backlinks.

Charge about $10-$100 depending on how huge the brand is, and receive numerous emails from brands with different partnership offers. 

A little token for guest post. You get paid to add content to your blog

That’s why I created an ebook for people trying to create a niche blog or trying to make money from a blog.

The ebook covers all you need to know concerning niche blogging, affiliate marketing, and how to make huge money from sponsored posts and guest posts.

Currently, the ebook is available for as low as N2000

The screenshot below are few to show you how Making money from guest post is easy. It’s one of the emails am talking about.

Screenshot from foreign clients

Just sit down, reply email and cash out.

You don’t need to have high traffic or pay for traffic to archive this. The cool thing about niche blogging is that you don’t need high traffic to start paying your rent. 

Everything you need to know about generating free traffic is in the e-book. I would also some screenshots of me and my foreign brands. I make money from receiving guest postings too. 

Want to be like me? Get the ebook!

I also made over 2million naira from affiliate marketing, I have everything attached below. 

Made money consistently from my blog making product reviews and ranking them on Google. 

Don’t have any magic, all my secrets are in the ebook.

These are a few important things you would be learning from the ebook. 

  • How To choose a portable niche

  • How To get free web traffic 

  • Best Monetization strategies

This is why I have decided to place the cost at an affordable

price of just:  N2000 ONLY


Advantages Of Getting The Ebook

  • You get access to me and you get added to a WhatsApp Group for aspiring bloggers like you. 

  • Access to basic blogging and writing tools. 

  • Blogging advice and counseling 

The ebook covers all you need to know about generating traffic. 

 After getting the ebook, you should know more about organic traffic and referral traffic, the methods to monetize, and how to be a better affiliate.

I have also answered some of the Frequently asked questions so feel free to check them. 




Make payment to :


Kuda Microfinance Bank

Adekiya Ibukun Joshua

Send screenshot to after making payment.  Make sure to use ebook a the subject


  1. For a beginner, how much is needed to get started?

If you don’t have an idea on How To Start A Blog or get started, you can send me a message on WhatsApp at +2348103460237. I would respond immediately. It would cost you at least N8000 to get a well-designed blog. Your budget matters. 

  1. Do you have a group or avenue for communication if one encounters an issue after getting the ebook and trying to implement it?

Yes..once you get the book.. Look for a way to contact me. You will get a direct guide and mentorship from me. 

  1. Give or take, what’s the average duration one would expect to start seeing results if I put in diligent work.

It depends. The method of traffic and consistency matters a lot. It would take 2-6 months to start seeing effective results